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Sunrise Summer Programs 2024

Our Summer Application has NOT gone live yet.

Our tentative dates for camp are June 25th - August 2nd. We will notify families via our newsletter when our application goes live. You can use the button below to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already!

Sunrise Summer Camps

(K-5th Grade)

Sunrise Summer Camp provides unique enrichment opportunities for Philadelphia youth! All of our summer programs are completely FREE and take place Monday through Friday.


A typical day at Sunrise Summer Camp can include:

  • Free snacks and meals 

  • Group activities, learning opportunities, team based activities

  • Arts & crafts + creative design

  • Recreational time and time outside

  • Project-based learning opportunities

  • Programming from local community partners (Clay Studio, Philly Reading Coaches, Rock to the Future etc.) 

  • Field trips to local Philadelphia sites + landmarks

(6th-12th Grade)

Workready @ Sunrise is offers career exposure, direct worksite placements, and mentorship opportunities. 

There are two types of programs offered in the summer: 


Early Program: Incentive-based programs are targeted towards young people with little to no previous work experience and are open to 12-24 year-olds.

Intermediate Program: Wage-based programs are targeted towards young people with previous work or leadership experience 

**Workready applicants must also complete the Sunrise Summer Camp Application in addition to the Workready application**

Who Are We

Free Summer Camps @ Sunrise!

Sunrise Summer Camp Locations

​*** the 2024 Sunrise Summer Camp locations have NOT been announced.


​This summer, Sunrise will offer free summer camp programs for students in K-8th grade! Join us at one of 4 program sites, Monday through Friday, for a family oriented atmosphere full of awesome activities, enrichment opportunities, recreation time and more! 

Our day camp programs are perfect for any family looking to provide their children with opportunities to grow and develop over the summer. Our team of highly trained staff are on hand daily providing traditional summer camp-style-programming including recreation and games, athletics, outside time, music, literacy, arts, STEM exploration and more!

Check out our 2022 Highlights!

WorkReady Summer Jobs @ Sunrise 

In partnership with the Philadelphia Youth Network

Summer job opportunities return to Sunrise! 

WorkReady is a citywide youth development program designed to expose young professionals to real-world job experiences and opportunities.


This year, Sunrise is offering 2 WorkReady options for youth in 6th-12th grade designed to provide hands-on work experiences and career exposure.

Early Program:

This program is targeted towards young people with little to no previous work experience. Open to youth 12 years and up (focused on youth in 6th-8th grade), these programs offer hands-on activities and learning sessions focused on exploring future career opportunities, career pathways, setting short-term goals, and providing an opportunity to work on professionally oriented individual and group projects. This option is 100% based in local community school buildings and does not include worksite placement. 


Early Program Locations include

  • F. Scott Key @ Jenks

  • SLAMS/Powel 

  • Stanton

The incentive based track pays up to $1,000 based on the number of projects and milestones completed during the program*.

*Southwark students at Fell will not be eligible to receive early program incentives


Intermediate Program:

Though no prior professional experience is required, the wage-based program track is targeted towards young people with previous work or leadership experience. In addition to classroom learning and professional development opportunities, this program provides direct worksite placements at partner organizations and businesses around the city of Philadelphia. Participants will receive $11 per hour in wage-based earnings up to $1,300. This option takes place 2-4 hours in local school buildings and 16-14 hours at WorkReady job sites across the city per week.  


Intermediate Program Locations include: 

  • South Philadelphia High School

The wage-based track pays up to $1,300 commensurate with hours worked. While preferences are considered, Sunrise can not guarantee any specific worksite placement.

WorkReady programs offer a variety of in-person learning sessions combined with direct job site placements at a diverse selection of community based partner organizations for older students. Students must be at least 14 years old by May 15th to enroll. 

Classroom sessions will take place at local public schools while site placements will be hosted by local businesses and partner employers around the city.



Use referral code:


In addition to online enrollment, Students will need the following documents:

  • Social security card

  • Birth certificate

  • School District of Philadelphia or State ID

  • Work permit (if 14 years old or older)

  • Email address- Preferably a gmail that is not school district issued

  • If you do not have any these documents please contact us for more information

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