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OUR STORIES Family Focused Literacy Sessions Return!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Sunrise’s yearly Literacy and Arts Initiative for Families!


OUR STORIES is Sunrise’s annual literacy and arts initiative for Kindergarten-3rd led by Sunrise in partnership with Fleisher Art Memorial! Family engagement sessions for the 2021 school year kicked off last month and we're hitting the ground running with awesome hands on activities and group readings!

Conducted through monthly in-person sessions led by Fleisher's resident Teaching Artists and Sunrise educators, Our Stories is a chance for families to explore literacy together by creating dynamic artwork based on guided readings. Participating Families take part in group readings followed by fun and hand-on art projects related to a specific element in each story.

The program’s goal is to foster our family's love for reading, create art, and make literacy skills fun and easy to practice as a family!

Over the past two months, Sunrise families have been participating in the first OUR STORIES group sessions at the Sunrise offices!! We’ve had so much fun participating in group readings, taking part in fun group activities and creating art projects based on the books we read!

OUR STORIES curriculum is in the afterschool classroom too!! Each week, at our Southwark community school and Kirkbride Elementary afterschool program, Fleisher teaching artists are on site leading guiding reading and arts activities. Students participate together to create art projects based on age appropriate readings!

Check out all the great images from our first few sessions below!!

Interested in joining an OUR STORIES session? Upcoming Family Saturday sessions will be on February, 19th, March 19th, and April 23rd, as well as additional Community Events at Fleisher Art Memorial.

You can still sign up to participate in a family session!

To learn more and sign up visit - (


- OUR STORIES is made possible through support from the William Penn Foundation -

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