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  • Cecelia Armstrong

Site Highlight: Southwark

Southwark School, our longest running and largest location, has recently been dealing with a temporary relocation due damaged asbestos and other environmental issues. During this time Southwark students have been relocated to South Philadelphia High School and George W. Childs School. While we are so grateful to the Southwark community and the host school for welcoming our students and programs, this has been a disruption for everyone.

"Although moving was hard, we mastered the art of blending in really quickly," says Danielle DeVose, the superstar site director at Southwark, affectionately known as Mrs. D. "Students and Sunrise staff had a positive attitude, I think that was what made the transition easier! People were willing to put their all into the move and make sure learning continued! We really wanted to support our families and ease their thoughts and let them know that everything will be alright!".

"The transition was hard, because we were working with minimum supplies, and space, but the staff demonstrated such great teamwork, one of the Sunrise Leadership skills that I definitely saw displayed in the last two weeks!" said Mrs. D. "I also felt welcomed! The staff and students at South Philadelphia High opened up their school and supported us, they helped us maneuver around such a large building! They gave us a space to call our own!" says DeVose.

Following the first day at SPHS for Southwark students, Sunrise High School students prepared a warm welcome for the Sunrise K-8 Southwark Students. "I now truly understand the word community. Two community schools were able to come together and work together to become one! One highlight was the signs that Sunrise high school surprised us with. It eased our fears knowing that we were welcomed and they were willing to share their space!" says Mrs. D. "The move was short and sweet and we will soon be returning back to our building. We are grateful for the principal, staff and students at South Philly High, but we are glad to be returning back to our building, Southwark, our home!!!"

Southwark students will return to their original building after the Thanksgiving holiday break.

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