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Sunrise Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Friday, October 15th marked the final day of Hispanic Heritage month, the nationwide celebration of Hispanic history, culture, and tradition. Sunrise students and staff were on hand for South Philly High's special day-long event celebrating a month full of activities and special programs - take a look at what we were up to!

Hispanic Pride on Display

The day began with a school-wide parade celebrating Hispanic culture and tradition. Many students and staff dressed in traditional Hispanic outfits while they carried flags, pictures, instruments, and artifacts representing more than 20 different Hispanic nations from around the world.

Sharing Cultures - Music, Food & Dance!

After the parade, students were invited to join Sunrise on the patio for a school-wide celebration complete with Hispanic music, dancing, and food! As part of the event, Sunrise @ SPHS Students curated a display exploring Hispanic heritage through national flags, artifacts, historic figures, and traditional Hispanic games.

A celebration of Hispanic culture isn't complete without a good meal! Sunrise provided food for close to 100 students with traditional Latin meals consisting of rice, beans, carnitas, chicken and plantains.

Promoting Sunrise Programs

As part of the event, Sunrise students also shared flyers and information about all the current Sunrise clubs, programs, and opportunities with their community. We even shared some of our creations from our current partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia. To read more about all the clubs Sunrise is currently offering - click here.

Other Sunrise Celebrations!

Over the past month, students across all 7 of Sunrise's OST sites have been exploring Hispanic heritage through various activities, games, projects and learning opportunities. Last week, elementary school students at Southwark School learned about traditional Hispanic music before building their own handmade maracas! Other sites took place in project based learning activities and decorated their spaces with Hispanic flags and art!

To learn more about Hispanic heritage month and it's history, visit

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