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Sunrise programs currently operate in 14 host schools. Sunrise has over 25 years of experience providing high-quality educational programs to youth in grades K-12. Our program shows a proven track record of providing literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) enrichment activities along with preparing youth for the transition to high school and beyond. 

Elementary + Middle School Programs 

Our elementary and middle school programs offer a safe, engaging and student-centered environment that helps youth build a strong sense of self and begin to explore future options. Programming provides a traditional after school environment combined with project based learning activities, enrichment opportunities, academic support, hands-on programming informed by youth interests. In addition to homework assistance and recreation, our afterschool programs offer literacy activities that bring reading alive and respond to students’ unique needs.


Our Middle School programs also aim to assist students in the transition to high school and beyond by providing school application and research assistance as well as basic career exploration opportunities. 

Francis Scott Key School

2230 South 8th Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19148

Phone 267-294-3119

Site Director: Patricia Townes

Edwin M. Stanton School

1700 Christian Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19146


Phone 267-334-9822

Site Director: Ruja Ballard

Southwark School

1835 South 9th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19148


Phone – 215-910-2528

Site Director: Danielle DeVose

Marian Anderson Leadership Academy

2000 Catharine Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19146

Phone – 267-666-9847 

Site Director: Shania Crawford

Eliza B. Kirkbride School

1501 South 7th Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19147 


Phone – 215-459-5572

Site Director: Brittany Marie Suters

Science Leadership Academy Middle School 

3610 Warren Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone – 215-833-4817

Site Director: Shania Boone

Robert E. Lamberton Elementary School

7501 Woodbine Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19151

Phone – 267-230-6359

Site Director: Alex Alford

Lewis  C Cassidy School 

6523 Lansdowne Ave 

Philadelphia, PA 19151

Phone – 267-230-6359

Site Director: Alex Alford

F. Amadee Bregy School 

1700 Bigler St 

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone – 267-265-8363

Site Director: Teria Thompson

Thomas G. Morton 

2501 S 63rd St

Philadelphia, PA 19142

Phone – 445-942-8547

Site Director: Rickale Stone

Rudolph Blankenburg

1700 Bigler St 

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone – 445-238-2608

Site Director: Ty Woods

John Barry Elementary

1700 Bigler St 

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone – 445-238-2608

Site Director: Labrina Brown

High School Program - 

Sunrise’s high school programs continue to provide academic supports that help youth stay on the path to graduation, while also planning for the future and building the skills needed to succeed in post-secondary endeavours.


Sunrise High School Programming balances both academic supports (like credit recovery services to ‘catch-up’ struggling students) and high interest activities – such as printmaking or podcassting - that allow students to discover areas of passion and exercise leadership. Staff also assist with SAT prep, financial aid, writing application essays, interview skills, and other activities designed to prepare South Philadelphia youth for academic success and future careers.

South Philadelphia High School 

2101 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19148

Phone – 215-952-2725

Site Director: Ana Tapia

Penn Treaty

600 E Thompson St, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone – 267-683-4728

Site Director: Sofia Martinez

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