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  • Cecelia Armstrong

Site Highlight: Cassidy/Lamberton A.K.A. "Casserton"

The partnership between Lewis C. Cassidy School and Robert E. Lamberton, affectionately known as "Casserton," represents a remarkable example of a thriving Sunrise Program. Lewis C. Cassidy School and Robert E. Lamberton are 2 seperate schools that share a building and a Sunrise Program.

With 90 students spanning kindergarten through eighth grade, the community that has blossomed within the Sunrise program within 3 short years is incredible.

Under the guidance of Alex Alford, the "Casserton" site director, the program operates on a club model, ensuring that students' voices are heard and their interests are at the forefront. "Casserton" provides a diverse range of activities from gardening to dance, drumming to sports, gaming, and even a newly formed nail club.

"It is so important to me that the students get a voice in the activities that they do afterschool. Our program is focused around learning, exposure, and fun! I want students to always know why they are being asked to do something and make sure that they have a clear understanding of the purpose of activities, so that they make sense," says Alford.

The "Casserton" staff's unwavering commitment to learning, exposure, and fun creates an environment where students can fully understand the purpose behind every activity they engage in, fostering a sense of empowerment and purpose in their afterschool experiences.

Stay tuned for all of the amazing creative things coming out of "Casserton"!

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