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New Programs Kick Off With Team Building and Karate!

Sunrise new tandem of afterschool programs for students at the combined Cassidy + Lamberton School officially opened to students on April 18th! Like all Sunrise programs, Cassidy and Lamberton afterschool is offering an enrichment focused atmosphere centered around academic support and opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and social-emotional learning! A typical day at Sunrise afterschool features structured activity blocks, informal play periods, times for snack, recreation time, athletics, arts & crafts, STEM activities, and more!

  • More than 50 students have already enrolled for this afterschool program which is lead by Sunrise's new Director for School District Programming, Morgyn Yates, and Site Director, Alex Alford!

  • Week one kicked off with some community building and get to know you games for all our new student groups! Each group, typically consisting of 10-15 students, came up with their own team names and spent the week participating in fun icebreakers and team building activities. Check out some of the pictures below!

  • Week two was fitness + wellness week! Teams took turns taking part in dance battles, building their own dance routines, playing musical chairs and other games to get active. Students had a blast with Wednesday's special Karate lessons with Master Richard of Richardson's Martial Arts Academy!!

  • Each week throughout the rest of the school year, our programs will have a different activity theme. Check them out below!

Stay tuned to our social media feeds for the latest images and videos from our new programs!!!

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